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ICEMES Asset Valuation Services Pakistan

Asset valuation is the process of determining the correct price of an entity, such as Residential Real Estate (House • Bungalow • Apartment • Villa • Flat), Commercial Property (Investment Land Plot • Building • Office Suite • Warehouse • Factory • Mill • Agricultural Land), Financial Investment (Company Stocks & Shares), Plant and Machinery Equipment, Automobile, Industrial Metals (Steel • Aluminium • Copper), Precious Metal (Gold • Silver • Platinum), Precious Stone (Diamond • Emerald • Ruby • Sapphire • Opal), all types of Personal Jewellery, or other items of worth, especially those that produce cash flows. Valuation of assets, in terms of their price, are commonly performed prior to their purchase, sale, transfer, or to be used for collateral purpose, such as when applying for a bank loan, mortgage, etc.

ICEMES is Pakistan's leading Asset Valuation company based in Karachi and Quetta providing country wide service. It employs an approved team of valuators and advisors located in Karachi • Hyderabad • Sukkur (Sindh), Islamabad • Lahore • Rawalpindi (Punjab), Abbottabad (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), and Quetta (Balochistan) with good expertise involving assessments of various private and public business and industrial sectors, including housing societies, commercial and residential property companies, as well as a diverse range of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan.

The company is approved as a certified Professional Valuator by both the Pakistan Banks' Association
(PBA Surveyor ID: 0071) as well as Pakistan Valuers Association. Our expert assessment advisors and consultants, located in Sindh (Karachi • Hyderabad • Sukkur), Punjab (Rawalpindi • Islamabad • Lahore),  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Abbottabad), and Baluchistan (Quetta), can assist you with the best asset valuation service for certification as well as for transaction purposes. All evaluations conducted in Pakistan receive the highest standard of expertise; these are backed by legal Professional Valuation Certificate and Report, in an internationally recognised document format as required by the Pakistan Valuation Council (PVC) standard, detailing the assets surveyed.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Assets : Property Valuation Service Pakistan

Residential and Commercial real estate appraisal is a process which is typically used to determine the economic worth of a given property - the actual "market value / price". Valuing property accurately is very important to vendors, buyers, lenders, and commercial as well as residential real estate investors. Benefiting the buyer and seller, a good evaluation exercise can help assess the current target property price in an open and competitive real estate market; part of the appraisal should also include an environmental impact assessment - the 'green impact' certification.

Property Valuation Certification : Government • Banks • Business Permits • Foreign Visas • Immigration Application

Need to get a Professional Property Valuation Certificate in Pakistan at reasonable cost? Best commercial as well as residential property valuations are conducted by our expert real estate consultants and advisors. These are for institutions such as major Pakistani Banks, NBFI, Multinational and Local Companies, Government Departments, as well as Immigration Consultancies for foreign residency / immigrant settlement, international business permits or student Visa applications involving countries such as United States of America (USA / US) • United Kingdom (UK) • Canada • Australia • New Zealand • European Union (EU) states, etc., to whatever standard required.

All commercial and residential property valuations in Pakistan, performed by our approved real estate valuers and consultant assessment advisors in Karachi • Hyderabad • Sukkur (Sindh), Islamabad • Rawalpindi • Lahore (Punjab), Abbottabad (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Quetta (Balochistan), are backed by authorised legal certificate / report, such as the Property Valuation Certificate Pakistan (PVC) a recognised document format as specified by the Pakistan Valuation Council standard for use by any official international authority.

Pakistan Banks' Association (PBA) : Asset Valuation & Certification

ICEMES company is approved, as Professional Valuator, by Pakistan Banks' Association (PBA) for valuation of Residential Properties (Houses • Apartments • Villas • Bungalows • Flats), Commercial Real Estate (Investment Land Plots • Office Suites • Buildings • Warehouses • Mills • Factories • Agricultural Land), Plant and Machinery Equipments, Automotive and Motoring Vehicles (Car • Truck • Bus • Tractor • Bulldozer), Business Equities (Company Stocks & Shares) as well as all kinds of Industrial Commodities, including the current prices of Precious Stones and Metals. These price evaluation services of Pakistani assets are based on the 'Panels' listed in the table below:

 Panel – I  (Property - Commercial / Residential)

Panel – II  (Plant & Machinery)

Panel – III  (Stocks & Shares / Metals / Commodities)

Assets Valuing: ANY AMOUNT

In addition, the company offers industrial, marine, motor and machinery breakdown surveys, and loss adjustments throughout Pakistan. Any undertaken Valuation is detailed in report / certificate per Pakistan Banks' Association (PBA) as well as Pakistan Valuation Council (PVC) required document format and standard for certification.

ICEMES company is recognized by major Pakistani banks, listed in the table below, as approved Assets Valuer:

Al Baraka Bank - Bank Islami - Faysal Bank - Habib Metropolitan Bank - National Bank of Pakistan
Bank Makarmah Limited - SME Bank

Please note that Documents are required for standard Property Valuation in Pakistan to be officially implemented; these include: Copy of Property Owner's CNIC + Title Ownership (Allotment / Transfer Letter) and in the case of Land - the Registry / Fard / Inteqal details.

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Pakistan Asset Valuation Company : Residential & Commercial Property Valuer Karachi • Real Estate Certification In Sindh (Hyderabad • Sukkur), Punjab (Islamabad • Lahore • Rawalpindi), Abbottabad (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), and Balochistan (Quetta) - Pakistan Banks' Association (PBA) and Pakistan Valuation Council (PVC)

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